Furniture And Accessories

At The Design Haüs, we take pride in that many of our upholstery furniture pieces are  made in the USA. We represent over 75 manufacturers, providing homeowners with  the ultimate selection of furniture and accessories. With The Design Haüs, you can  expect nothing but durable premium products certain to win attention. 

Dedicated Designers

Our experts will walk you through the design process right from the beginning. We will  discuss your furniture and accessory preferences and how they fit the overall interior  plan. Our use of detailed visual display boards and access to a diverse fabric wall,  makes it easy for you to see your design come together and take out all the guess work. 

Functional and Comfortable Options

We provide furniture that is not only eye catching but also is practical for every day use.  We offer quality pieces that match your style, interior layout and bring comfort for years  to come. 

We represent over 75 furniture & accessory manufactures that function as well as they  look. We love fusing current trends with classic appeal, producing original designs that  give your space a fresh and inviting feel. Of course, ultimately, you have the final say  on the direction and we will work to turn your vision into a reality. 

designhaus circle

A Keen Eye for Detail

Our designers will help you selected accessories such as artwork, wallpaper, lamps &  toss pillows to complement your design creating a seamless and breathtaking  ambiance. We will run through colors, texture and materials to ensure your space will  have cohesive appeal.