Bedding And Mattresses

Unmatched comfort and sophisticated design for a good night's rest. 

Quality Work

Premium mattresses and beddings provide the quality rest you deserve at the end of a  busy day. At The Design Haüs, we offer a comprehensive range of products according  to your budget and specific needs. Our team will guide you through various  considerations, such as firmness and size.

The essence of a space is what we make of it.

At The Design Haüs, we are committed to helping you discover the most fabulous style that suits your unique personality and visual preferences. Our team of design experts will work closely with you in selecting the artistic pieces based on your desired vision, including furniture, room layouts, and decor. We have a deep fondness for classical interior styles with a modern twist. By combining the latest design trends with the timelessness of classic favorites, we help create a stunning scene that would wow guests and occupants alike. Our specialized design consultation services extend across residential, commercial, and theatrical stage settings.

The Design Haüs' consultants have an intimate understanding of classic and modern themes, paying homage to some of the greatest creations from legendary and contemporary maestros. From the corners of cornices to painting hues and furniture arrangements, we help you realize the classiest vision by piecing together the finest design elements.

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Flexable Consultations

We understand the difficulty in balancing home life, work & designing your home. We
strive to schedule your home consultation appointment around your schedule & at your
convenience. Our team prioritizes your availability and believes that great designs
should never be rushed.